Your Freight = Our Logistics Solutions

For years, independent brands of Elsey Enterprises...

shipped thousands of loads overseas and throughout the Unites States. We faced many challenges. This included not having real-time service and updates about our shipments. We experienced the challenges of getting someone to speak to live whenever we had a question. We also realized how much we were spending on service that we believed was less than average. Candidly, it was a real pain to deal with a broad variety of brokers to “get the job done.”

CELG Freight, founded by Wayne Elsey, was created when we came to the awareness we had to find a better way. We decided to establish our own third party logistics company as an independent brand of Elsey Enterprises. We knew what we wanted for service and value, and we also knew that we weren’t alone in wanting quality in all aspects of the business. CELG Freight is an independent brand of Elsey Enterprises. The values for our third party logistics company include excellence in service and communication, competitive costs and integrity. We want to treat people as we want, or in this case, they wanted to be treated!


Our Three Core Propositions


We’re committed to giving all of our clients the following as a part of our standard service:

24 Hour Live Access

It doesn’t matter what time of day or night it is. It doesn’t matter the time zone. If you need to reach someone live, CELG Freight has its team of people available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year ready to meet your needs.

Stay Informed

You can also reach us by email and even text. We believe in communication and you’ll receive calls, emails and texts from us as well. We know your freight is important and we’re going to keep you updated and informed.

Commitment to You

Our team members are aware that no matter the challenge or situation, professionalism and integrity must always be maintained. We view ourselves as your partner and we’re here to provide you with the best solutions and service.

Value Makes the Difference

We want to earn and keep your business. And, we realize that service must be coupled with value. When you work with our team, we’re going to make sure we provide you with the best competitive rate possible.